Dr Eirini Dimidi is Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London. In 2016, she was awarded a PhD from King’s College London where she investigated the symptomatic, physiological and microbiological impact of probiotics in constipation. Dr Dimidi is undertaking research on nutrition-based interventions, including fibre, plant foods, prebiotics, probiotics, and the low FODMAP diet, in gastrointestinal health. Her primary focus is to advance the understanding of the impact of dietary therapies in functional bowel disorders, including chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Other research projects include investigating the effect of diet on the gut microbiota and immune health, as well as exploring patients’ experiences and perceptions of gut diseases.

Dr Dimidi has published in a number of peer-reviewed nutrition and gastroenterology journals, and has presented her work in national and international conferences. She was awarded the Rising Star 2021 Award by the British Dietetic Association for her significant contribution to the dietetic profession, and the Elizabeth Washington 2020 Award from the British Dietetic Association for her published work on the effect of fermented foods in gut health and microbiome. She was also the 2017 Postgraduate Competition Winner from the Nutrition Society, and was selected as the UK nominee for the 2018 International Early Career Nutrition Research Championship.

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