Hellenic Dietetic Association was founded in 1969 in Athens and is the official representative body of Dietitians-Nutritionists of Higher Education in Greece. HDA has been a member of the European Federation of Associations for Dietitians since 1982 and of the International Committee of Dietetic Associations (ICDA) since 1984, and thus the sole internationally acknowledged representative body of Dietitians-Nutritionists in Greece.

The aim of the association is to promote public health by keeping  both scientists and the public aware of  the recent advances on the field of nutrition and health.

HDA issues information leaflets and regularly organizes scientific events such as conferences, symposiums, meetings, seminars, lectures for scientists and the public.

Hellenic Dietetic Association is represented by a Board of 7 members. 

President: Sialvera Theodora-Irini (Dorina) ([email protected])

Vice-President: Poulia Kaliopi – Anna (Liana) ([email protected])

Secretary: Varagiannis Panagiotis ([email protected])

Treasurer: Paximadas Christos ([email protected])


Special Secretaries

· Papaspanos Nikolaos

· Katsaroli Ioanna

· Katsarou Alexia





Hellenic Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (GrESPEN) is a non-profit Scientific Association. GrESPEN was founded due to the need to incorporate under the same body all the scientists relevant to the field of Medicinal and Clinical Nytrition (Doctors, Dietitians, Pharmacists, Nurses etc), in order to set in place the foundation for the application in Greece all the excisting guidelines on Clinical Nutrition.

As with the corresponding Scientific Societies  in other countries (e.g.  AuSPEN, SENPE, PolSPEN, ESPEN, FELANPE, ASPEN), eligible for registration are scientist in fields relative to Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (Medical Doctors of different specialties such as Surgeons, Pathologists, Endocrinologists, General Practicioners etc), Dietitians-Nutritionists, and other scientists with relevant professional or research scope.

GrESPEN i aims to promote multidisciplinary cooperation, as well as the cooperation with other scientific organizations and Societies, n line with international practices.

GrESPEN is the  sole representative of Greece in the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)


Hellenic Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism undertakes training actions in cocoperation with other scientific Societies in Greece and abroad. GrESPEN, in addition to make relevant knowledge  available to greek scientists,   has completed the translation of:

o    the latest publication of the Blue Book by ESPEN (4th edition), Basics in Clinical Nutrition

o    the latest guidelines by ESPEN and ESPHAGAN

o    the post graduate program of the LLL courses, the completion of which provides the Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism



President: Prof. Dim. Kouvelas

Vice president: Dr Marili Pasakiotou-Mpintoudi

Secretary: Dr Michalis Hourdakis

Treasurer: Anastasia Anastasiadou

Special Secretary: Prof. Antonis Zampelas

Member:  Dr Liana Poulia

Member: Assistant Prof. G.Tsiaousi



Important Dates

Congress Dates: 13-15.12.2019 

Abstract Submission: 30.09.2019 

Organized by

210 36 68 895, 852, 842
210 36 43 511
[email protected]


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